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DC Transformer 311-15015-05

DC Transformer 311-15015-05
DC Transformer 311-15015-05

Most important features

  • Wide 1:6.7 input voltage range from 7.5V up to 40V
  • Output voltage of: 15V
  • Output power of: 12W
  • Capable for stationary ambient temperatures up to 85°C
  • No derating of power
  • icon: case temp. range: -40°C .. 85°C
  • icon: ultra wide input range
  • icon: very high efficiency
  • icon: lead free


The DC Transformer 311-15015-05 stands out to its low noise and very high efficiency, making it to a superior power supply in high end applications with different voltage buses.

A bipolar dual voltage and a third unipolar voltage are available as outputs. The bipolar and the unipolar output are galvanically isolated from each other and from the input voltage. It is possible to take the entire available power from each output individually and thus also to choose the power distribution freely.

The tranformer 311-15015-05 is a member of the 300 series push-pull power converter with a bipolar and one additional single output voltage bus. The transformer includes a softstart, an input undervoltage lockout and a permanent short circuit protection to ensure efficient module protection. The soft start allows current limitation and eliminates inrush current during start up. Since with this transformer the output power is regulated, the module passes into constant current mode, when an overload or even a short circuit is applied. This feature makes this transformer unique in limiting the maximum output power. The device immediately restore to normal operation when the overload is removed. The Transformer is able to deliver the full output power over the entire specified temperature range.

The Transformer can be realized with different, customer specific output voltages.

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