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The technological advantage of our DC/DC transformers is impressively visible in the achievable conversion power.

This enables our products to feature a remarkably higher power density while optimizing the electromagnetical characteristics at the same time.

The use of tailored, application specific selected materials and up-to-date components as well as solid workmanship are the foundation of the high quality standard of Demke’s products, providing exceptional power density and efficiency up to 98 %.

This secures the long-term, disturbance free operation of our components, even in demanding environments.

In research, we therefore focus on optimizing both power density and EMC characteristics; on top of that, we strive for applying application-matched transformers that feature highest robustness.

In order to fulfill the high demands we put on our transformers, we generally chose non-standards components. Therefore the foundation of our development is the proper, application- and customer specific selection of material and components.

Power, power density and efficiency

  • Optimized efficiencies up to 98 %
  • Selection and application highest quality and up to date components
  • By making use of miniaturization wherever possible we secure state of the art product with maximum power density


We specialize in thoroughly minimizing disturbances that occur when switching current in clocked voltage supplies, and by that to minimize any disturbance generated by the transformer.

  • Optimized placement of components and optimized layout of current carrying circuit paths.
  • Minimizing disturbance by precisely tailored input and output filters

Compact and rugged housing types

  • Metal housing
  • Plastics housing
  • Stand-alone or metal plate mounted
  • Polyurethane potting of circuitry

When producing Demke modules we always consider the specific area of application of the transformers, which are regularly potted, providing best protection against environmental influences. Homogenous polyurethane mold evenly distributes the generated heat within the module. This leads to an even heat transfer pattern, maximum output power therefore is determined by housing size and thermal resistance only.

Demke stand-alone solutions:

  • No external filter circuits needed for standard application
  • No power derating

Demke Electronic will always stand for superior technology and performance, as well as high-class manufacturing.

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