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The company Demke Elektronik was founded in 1978 in Hassmersheim - Hochhausen, Germany and evolved to Demke Electronic GmbH in 1992. Core competences are development and manufacture of DC transformer power supplies for industrial application. In this range we focus on high quality switched-mode power supplies for tailored application, power ranges from 1 watt up to 500 watts.

In 2008, we established our new site in Switzerland. Both sites are individual family-owned companies, making use of close co-operation and the tradition in business since 1978.

Both sites today are operating individually, addressing different market segments, but still transferring both technology and know-how. This secures access to many years of experience and specific know-how for both sites, enabling the realization of electro-technical solutions of high complexity. We define this experience to be our foundation, in order to be able to offer perfect solutions to your specific requirements, and to fulfill our own high expectations.

Demke Electronic has built up reputation worldwide when it comes to developing and realizing complex, project-oriented high-tech solutions for specific industrial sectors.

Demke's high quality transformers key features are high power density, reliability, ruggedness and lifetime.

Our main markets today are globally positioned in various industrial sectors like passenger and goods transport, wind power, defence and many more.

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